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About Binkley Apples

Welcome to Binkley Apples, a Packer and Exporter located in the heart of Ontario's Southern Georgian Bay Apple Growing District. More about Binkley Apples

Our varieties

From classics like McIntosh and Empire to the newly discovered Red Prince and Ambrosia, we carry a broad selection of apples.More about our varieties

Our Varieties
  • Ambrosia


  • Cortland

  • Crispin/Mutsu

  • Empire

  • Gala

  • Golden Delicious

  • Honeycrisp

  • Idared

  • Jerseymac

  • McIntosh

  • Northern Spy

    Northern Spy

  • Paulared

  • Red Delicious

  • Red Prince

  • Russet

  • Spartan


Binkley Apples carries both the staple apple varieties you would expect, as well as some of the more sought after varieties such as the Red Prince apple. Our northern microclimate on the shores of Georgian Bay gives us an advantage over more southerly producers thanks to cold nights and warm days. You will find that we achieve excellent colouration, with more blush and excellent taste on apples such as the Honeycrisp.

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Farm-to-shelf tracking

The Binkley packline is integrated with an advanced computer-based traceability system that allows us to track apples from growers’ orchards to our customers’ shelves. Bin lots are traced through our system as apples enter the waters of our flume. More about our tracking systems


Binkley Apples Limited is a Packer, Marketer, and Exporter of Ontario apples. We have been committed to quality and service since our establishment in 1961—over 50 years! Binkley packs apples that meet and exceed Agriculture Canada Fancy and Extra Fancy, U.S. Fancy and Extra Fancy and Ontario Orchard Crisp standards. We guarantee high quality standards by means of inspection procedures at many points along our computer-controlled packing line.