Retailers choose Binkley Apples


Top retailers on both sides of the border choose Binkley Apples because they know they'll never have to worry about quality. Binkley is more selective than other packers, choosing only the most shapely, unblemished fruit for every order. We've also got an excellent selection of apple varieties!

Our secret: younger, high density trees

Our growers form a big part of how we can deliver high quality produce every time. Their orchards are young and modern, consisting for the most part of young, high-density plantings. Trees are tended in such a way that a more even amount of sunlight can reach all fruit throughout maturation, producing better quality fruit ripened on the tree. At Binkley, modern high-density orchards featuring precision planting, drip irrigation and reduced pesticide application are coupled with modern packing and storage facilities to deliver premium quality apples, every single time.

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If you would like to hear firsthand about the high quality product that Binkley delivers, we would be happy to refer to you to the retailer of your choice from our list of satisfied clients below.

  • Loblaw
  • Sobeys
  • Gambles
  • Bondi Produce
  • Safeway Western Canada
  • Fresh Start Foods
  • Farm Boy
  • Northern ORchards
  • Glen Huron Apples

Binkley Apples Limited is a Packer, Marketer, and Exporter of Ontario apples. We have been committed to quality and service since our establishment in 1961—over 50 years! Binkley packs apples that meet and exceed Agriculture Canada Fancy and Extra Fancy, U.S. Fancy and Extra Fancy and Ontario Orchard Crisp standards. We guarantee high quality standards by means of inspection procedures at many points along our computer-controlled packing line.